Our web design philosophy centers around three main concepts.

If your web site isn't easy for visitors to understand within the first 10-20 seconds after they land on your page, they will move onto the next site. The focus here is that the look, layout, and navigation of the site makes sense for your target audience. We work with you to help study this group and craft a custom experience based on our findings.

We hate clutter! When users access a new site, especially on the landing page, there is such a thing as too much information. We study your services/products to find out how your customers shop you when they're not on the web, then we design your web site to compliment that.

We're not just talking about page loads here. Yes, we will design your pages for optimal load times, but our main focus is on helping your visitors get to 85% of your content within 3 clicks.
No mazes.
No breadcrumbs.
No secret handshakes to find what you are looking for.

Free Website Evaluation!
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Our Portfolio
Kirr Marbach & Co.
  • A re-design focused on developing a more interactive, information rich website.
  • Flash Introduction on the homepage helps convey Kirr Marbach's culture and philosophy.
  • Database Driven Flash Charts paint a visual picture of their product's performance.

  • Greater Southport Business Alliance
  • A new design centered on delivering information to prospective members and educating the community.
  • Web based email program eliminating the need to use a client based email system to communicate.

  • Especially Kids
  • A re-design which focused on making their web site as fun and vibrant as their child care facility.
  • Content managed by Especially Kids staff though secure web based application.

  • Aquatic Services
  • Redesign focused on a more custom, colorful design.
  • On-line contact form to enhance communication with current and prospective clients.

  • Advantage Materials Handling
  • Advantage Group's first web site, focused on establishing a presence on the web.
  • High level information, providing company/services background.
  • The Heron Printing Company
  • Heron Printing's first web site, this design centers on vibrant use of color and white space.
  • Contact form allows Heron staff to get necessary project data in a timely manner.

  • Sweet Things Cakery
  • Sweet Things Cakery's first web site, focused on establishing a presence on the web.
  • Showcases services and products.

  • Meridian St. Greenhouse
  • Redesign focused on a more custom, colorful design that can change seasonally.
  • Online coupons to attract customers to the site and drive business.

  • Vic and Dot's Camp
  • Vic and Dot's Camp's first web site, focused on serving as an on-line brochure with the ability for guests to learn about the camp, check rates and request reservations.
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